Download Sur la peau 2019 Full Movie

Anna Kilius and Sara Russo are friends. Sara's goal is to shame Anna, who does not have a lot of romance. They go out in a box. In the middle of the night, Sara, exhausted, decides to go back while Anna stays. At dawn, Anna wakes up near a suburban station. She is drugged, raped. Anna is confronted by a skeptical policeman. Vexed, she does not complain. Anna starts the hunt for her rapist thanks to hyperosmia, a large olfactory memory and a keen sense of smell. Thanks to the sexual pheromones, she thinks she finds the rapist. From that moment, all his certainties rock. Is this the right person?
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  • Type:Movie
  • Age:n/A
  • Awards:n/A
  • Budget:n/A
  • Cast:Mélanie Peyre , Zoé Besmond de Senneville , Edgar Sekloka , Massimo Bellini , Jean Marie Godet , Antoni Hadzi Janev , Christian Mupondo , Srinath Samarasinghe , Francesca Ritrovato , Jean-Michel Correia…
  • Company:Karma Prodworks
  • Country:France
  • Director:Srinath Samarasinghe
  • Genre:Drama
  • Language:French
  • Locations:n/A
  • Rating:n/A
  • Rating Count:n/A
  • Release Date:10 Jul 2019 (France)
  • Runtime:106 min
  • Title:Sur la peau
  • Title Orginal:Sur la peau
  • Writer:Srinath Samarasinghe
  • Year:2019