Download Prospectors The Forgiven 2019 Full Movie

Log-line: The Steady escalation of crime in a growing town right after the civil war has an effect on several locals as to how to deal with the travelers and gold prospectors. synopsis The Central California Town of Abaddon seemed like a nice place to move to after the civil war ended nice climate and even a new road to the coast could be found. People who fought on either side now moving or returning to the onetime gold rush town. Jacob, a local from a criminally inclined family and well known war hero for the south suffers "Soldier's Heart " from the horrors of war and also from the fact that most of his family and child hood friends are now robbing people coming or living in the area. The town marshal Tandel overseeing some of the crime and making a profit goes so far as to ask Jacob to work for him. Jacob rejects his offer and only seeks to be at peace with himself and God. He befriends and helps save Charlie X an orphan now the town handy man who fought for the north from ...
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  • Type:Movie
  • Age:n/A
  • Awards:2 wins & 6 nominations.
  • Budget:n/A
  • Cast:Lacey Alessandra , Bob Allder , Christopher Allison , Katt Balsan , John Berestrom , Athena Bergen , Marianne Bourg , Mike Brown , Willow Clay , Ariel Cohen…
  • Company:n/A
  • Country:United States
  • Director:Paul Bonsignore
  • Genre:Western
  • Language:English
  • Locations:n/A
  • Rating:n/A
  • Rating Count:n/A
  • Release Date:18 Nov 2019 (USA)
  • Runtime:94 min
  • Title:Prospectors The Forgiven
  • Title Orginal:
  • Writer:Paul Bonsignore
  • Year:2019