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Framed Murders, kidnappings , Robberies and Fraudulent scams, Weston is stuck in a never ending cycle of crime. After his boss's Son dies under his watch, Weston has to go back to his old gangster ways to clean up the mess and free himself from the inevitable death dealing loop. Weston works for a notorious ,criminal tyrant. Since becoming a father , it has been a constant battle to escape the inevitable demise. His wife jade and son Zack are now consequent to all his actions. He rather live a lower quality of life than risk what he holds dearest in this world. After a 17 month deal with his soon to be former boss, there's only 3 more days until hes finally out of the dangerous loop. Everything was going smoothly until Luca, the boss's son got himself killed under Weston's watch. Now Weston is deeper than he's ever been. Desperate and determined, Weston has to do all he can to escape now and get back on track for his future. A lot to gain and too much to lose.
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  • Type:Movie
  • Age:n/A
  • Awards:n/A
  • Budget:$600,000
  • Cast:Paul Campbell , Dede Dimanti , Asmar Dunnel , Angelina Head , Luis Sotomayer
  • Company:n/A
  • Country:United States
  • Director:Sam Brave
  • Genre:Drama
  • Language:English
  • Locations:n/A
  • Rating:n/A
  • Rating Count:n/A
  • Release Date:2019 (USA)
  • Runtime:n/A
  • Title:Poison
  • Title Orginal:
  • Writer:n/A
  • Year:2019